Generate Content for Social Media

Frequently Asked Questions

What service does PresenceUP provide?

PresenceUP™ is a platform with Artificial Intelligence helping companies to generate or create content online. This content can be used in social networks, blogs, for SEO, etc.

How can PresenceUP™ help me?

Content generating is time consuming process. The writer needs to study the topic he or she is writing about. PresenceUP™ website can generate content for your topic within a few minutes.

Can your Artificial Intelligence generate content for any topic?

No. Artificial Intelligence can write content only for those categories and topics it studied previously.
Currently Artificial Intelligence can write content for the following categories:

  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
  • Digital Marketing
  • Startups
  • Finance

What is the difference between comment and article generated by PresenceUP™?

The main difference is in length of the content. A comment is shorter than an article.

How to get better content for social networks?

Artificial Intelligence needs to understand the main idea of the source text you provide. If you write just "Bitcoin", it is not obvious what you mean, since you may want content about bitcoin trading, or bitcoin adoption or KYC-related questions.
Usually, if you provide a source text of 200 - 800 characters length, it helps the Artificial Intelligence understand your requirements and generate better content for you.

Is the content generated by PresenceUP™ unique?

PresenceUP™ Artificial Intelligence writes content for you. It doesn't copy the content from other sources.

Why does PresenceUP™ generate two comments and two article per request?

The answer is simple - to give you an option to choose from.

If I provide the same source text multiple time, will PresenceUP™ generate different content?

Yes. You will get different content.

Where can I see examles of comments and articles generated by PresenceUP™ Artificial Intelligence?

Example of comments you can find on the home page.
Examples of articles you can find on our blog.

What languages are supported by PresenceUP™?

Currently PresenceUP™ tool can generate content in English only.